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When we launched the business back in 2004 the level of help offered to us by colleagues was astonishing. From fabric mills of all sizes, sampling units, to trim suppliers, laundries, and pattern makers, the support of these enthusiastic players in the textile industry has helped us thrive over the last 12 years, and for that we are truly grateful.

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We are now in a position to give a little back to the industry. Whether an idea is commercial or not, we will consider raising it to its fullest potential. We frequently aid and collaborate with individual designers in their own businesses whose work can benefit our catalogue. Fresh ideas are always welcome and we are keen to help anyone, from start-up businesses to designer brands whose works are inspirational for our own craft.

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Within the garment-making industry, we routinely provide support through samples and designs and manufacturing for smaller labels and pop up brands. Sideline and the Land of Now are exemplars of such companies. Sideline is a small but creative and industrious London-based label, with whom we work closely from logistics, to design and production, and then to the storefront. Our aim is to support many such innovative brands alongside the likes of Sideline, and we believe in their potential to do great things.

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Our work also extends outside of the sphere of textiles and fashion. Chantuque provides help for the Atlas Foundation, an Izmir based organization who aid struggling and impoverished university students, with the aim to raise confident and well-rounded young men and women with an appreciation of history, culture, art and philosophy. We believe there’s a deficit in such education, and keenly support the ideals of the Atlas Foundation.