İstanbul 1

Those who have been to Istanbul (or even read any Orhan Pamuk) will know that it has always been a vibrant and eclectic city, characteristics which are reflected in our offices, factories and our products.

İstanbul 2

İstanbul 3

Our office and main factory is situated 20 minutes from the airport, and 30 minutes from the beating heart of the city, a location that affords us the great luxuries of both of peace and focus, and proximity to the thriving, mercantile capital of the Old World.

İstanbul 4

In our estimation, it’s just about wasteful to come all the way to Istanbul if you don’t aim to get a little lost among the winding streets, the fishmongers, the spice traders and coffee-houses. Go to the Grand Bazaar if you want a crash course in sales and negotiation.